Merry Christmas everyone! Mac here and I am doing what I do best...give shit away for free. On Thursday, Dec 25th (Christmas Day) I will be having the 1st Annual ChristMAC Raffle on One lucky person can win a copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PC, with a small raffle entry fee. Anyone else viewing/following that day will be eligable to win a copy of any of the games listed below.

Castle Crashers

BattleBlock Theater

State of Decay

Left 4 Dead 2

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

and more...

------GRAND PRIZE---
($2 minimum donation via donation option on channel)


Must be an active and talkative follower to participate, just stop by the show and say what's up. One prize per winner.




Time: 2pm - 2am (PST)

Entry Fee: Free / $2 (Grand Prize)

Rules: Must be a follow and active in chat to win. Must be present when Nightbot picks you. 60 seconds to respond to retrieve prize. If you are only interested in the prize and not hanging out and chatting on Christmas, don't bother, anyone bugging about prizes or winning or speeading up will be banned. This rule is for this day only.

Artwork from 2009

2014-12-18 19:53:46 by USELESSmayhem

Wow....look what I ran across! These are a couple pieces of art I did for some of the contests that NG held here back in the day(2008-2009). Not great at all lmao....but I was young.



Hey Guys

2014-12-18 19:45:53 by USELESSmayhem

Mac here guys, back and active. I'll be glancing through the NG archives and recent posts, looking for cool and interesting people to work with. If you're interested in working on the stream(Twitch), feel free to contact me. I may not be able to respond right away, but be patient and I should get back to you.

I have been a Twitch streamer for a while now, slowly improving the stream over time, gathering support and followers. Now it has come to the time in which I should focus on presentation. If you are an artist who would like to do some work to use for a portfolio, the stream could use a composer, animator and artist. I'm looking for a 60-120sec intro animation, with audio. No rush, hope to hear from some people.

Yay! Art Portal!

2009-06-21 02:29:03 by USELESSmayhem

Finally something I can contribute to on Newgrounds. I have been coming to Newgrounds for nearly a decade. I first started visiting the website in 1999. Held off on contributing at all until 2002, where I signed up for the Message Boards.

Seeing as how I never learned Flash, nor a music making software, I could only wait once in a while for an Art Contest to pop up. Now that I have the Art Portal, I will spend more time drawing, exercising my creative side.

So here is my first contribution to the Art Portal:


Yes, it is a reference to the cartoon.....

No, I didn't mean for it to be that way......

It's just what came to mind once I was done. This is my very first attempt at an eye.

Yay! Art Portal!

New Creation.

2007-07-17 19:08:10 by USELESSmayhem

Once upon a time I owned a website called I have finally come to my senses and decided to do what I originally wanted to do with my time and effort. Soon you will be able to keep track of all the stupid shit you love. Thats all I can say.

New Creation coming or later.